Adult Counselling

Adult Counselling is offered to anyone over the age of 24 year olds. Counselling for adults includes either coming to counselling individually or coming to counselling with your family or some members of your family for Family counselling. Adult Counselling is for anyone who is looking to work on a problem they are experiencing, work on a mental health problem, work through past experiences, overcome a challenge, learn coping strategies and build resilience for life and living. 


Individual Counselling is working one on one with a counsellor, either in person or virtually. Counselling will be working with the problem(s) you have been experiencing and together,working towards the way you want to feel and/ or goals you have for your life.  

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Family Counselling

Family Counselling can look like some one on one work with a counsellor and some work with members of the family together for counselling sessions, or, it may look like each session together working towards feeling better and working on the goals the family has expressed for counselling. 


Common Problems
We Help


Addiction (Alcohol, Drugs, Internet, Sex, Porn)

Bipolar Disorder

Conflict (Parents, Friends) 



Disordered Eating

Eating Disorders

Eating Issues

Food Addiction

Family Issues

Grief/ Loss

Issues with Body Image



Postpartum Mental Health (Anxiety, Depression)

Relationship Difficulties


Self Esteem Issues

Self Harm/ Suicidal Thoughts


Trauma/ PTSD

Women's Issues

Available Online or In Person

Available Online or In Person

Kinds of Therapy We Use

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

  • Dialectical Behavioural Therapy

  • Narrative Therapy

  • Mindfulness

  • Cognitive Processing Therapy

  • Solution Focused Therapy

  • Trauma Informed Therapy

  • Family Based Therapy/ Maudsley Approach

  • Functional Family Therapy

As an adult, navigating the world, comes with so many difficulties. Your mental health matters. We are here to help. 

What to expect from Counselling

The first counselling session will look like a getting to know you session where your counselling will be curious to learn more about the problems you have been up against, and learning about what your life looks like. Your counsellor will ask you about your hopes/ goals for counselling.


After you have developed some goals/ identified your hopes for counselling, with your counsellor, you will work together to help support you to work on your hopes/ goals. This may look like talk therapy, conversations to elicit realizations, processing feelings, learning new skills, practicing coping strategies etc.


Counselling will be based from what you want to get out of counselling. Your counsellor will tailor the work you do together, towards what you hope to get out of counselling. 

Ways to have counselling

We offer In person counselling, phone counselling and video/ virtual counselling

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