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Jenna Hill

Jenna is a Registered Psychotherapist (Q), located in Ottawa, Ontario. Jenna offers counselling both in person counselling, online counselling, and phone counselling. Jenna offers individual counselling sessions to youth and adults. Jenna specializes in helping individuals struggle with body image, self-esteem, eating issues, disordered eating and eating disorders.  

My Story

Hello! My name is Jenna (she/her) and I’m honoured to have you reading this.


Hello! My name is Jenna (she/her) and I’m honoured to have you reading this. Before becoming  a Registered Psychotherapist (Q), I had no idea what I was going to do with my Undergraduate degree in Psychology when I first graduated. I just knew that I loved how complex, diverse, and powerful the human mind was. Looking back, I know that a part of my curiosity was because of my desire to understand my own mental health struggles, including an obsessive and unhealthy relationship with food. After completing my Psychology degree, I felt very much like a passenger in my own life. After three to four years of jumping around from career path to career path in an attempt to regain control of my life, while also meeting my passion to help others, I finally landed on the Saint Paul University Master’s program for counselling and spirituality. Finally, I felt as if I had found my purpose. While offering a safe space for others to talk about their issues might have been enough, I know that the spiritual aspect of the program played a vital role in how I now approach therapy and my clients. Throughout the program, I established a strong relationship with my spiritual belief system and came to develop a deep respect and love for all belief systems around the world. It is something I can say that I truly enjoy incorporating into the therapeutic process. Having found this purpose and faith, and a strong support network, I was able to direct my attention towards providing that same found support to others, especially for those whose relationship with food and eating is also deeply impacted by what is going on in their life, or what they have experienced in their life.  


As a mental health practitioner, my priority is to provide a non-judgemental and genuine space for my clients to express themselves without worry for what is being unsaid, implied, or assumed. With my lived experience, I want to be the person for others that I know I needed when I was younger.


I am accepting new clients virtually. Reach out if you have any questions or feel free to book a free phone consultation!


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