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"We all go through hard times in our lives...sometimes we just need someone to talk to, to help us through it." 

- Sarah Terwilligar


Sarah Terwilligar Counselling, Psychotherapy, & Associates

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide excellent clinical and evidenced based counselling to children, youth, adults and families, while also providing empathetic, kind, and genuine care. 

Welcome to STCP

STCP is a team of counsellors / psychotherapists. We offer in person (Burlington, Ontario), virtual and phone counselling to Ontario, Canada. We offer counselling & support to individuals (children, youth, adults, & parents/caregivers) who may be having a hard time dealing with an issue, challenge, difficult experience, or problem in their life. Together, we will work with you to help you cope with what you're dealing with, and help you work towards the way you want to feel.

For adolescents and individuals living with an eating disorder, family counselling or parent/caregiver counselling is available. 

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What We Do



Youth Counselling is for individuals who are between the ages of 13- 24 years old and are looking for individual counsellor or counselling with their family member present. 


Family Counselling is for families who are struggling with a child, youth or family member with a mental health issue, an eating disorder/ eating issue, ADHD, or a behavioural issue. 


Adult Counselling is for individuals who are 24 years

old and older. This looks like working one on one with a counsellor, either in-person or virtually to work on issues, problems, difficulties, or navigating life stressors.  

Child Counselling is for toddlers to pre teens (2-12 years of age) who are navigating developmental difficulties, or showing signs of mental health struggles. 

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