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R.N., Registered Nurse
R.P., Registered Psychotherapist

"We all go through hard times in our lives...sometimes we just need someone to talk to, to help us through it." 


What I do:

Counselling, Psychotherapy, & Support

I offer support to individuals (youth, adults, & parents/caregivers) who may be having a hard time dealing with an issue, challenge, difficult experience, or problem in their life. Together, I work with you to help you cope with what you're dealing with, and help you work towards the way you want to feel.

For adolescents and individuals living with an eating disorder, I also offer, family counselling or parent/caregiver counselling. 

To learn more about the different types of counselling I offer click the 'Read More' button below. 


Contact Me

Please feel free to reach out and contact me if you have any questions. 


Sarah Terwilligar Counselling & Psychotherapy operates out of Private Matters Psychotherapy, located downtown Burlington.

Private Matters Psychotherapy

440 Elizabeth Street, Unit 302

Burlington, ON 

L7R 2M1

Tel: 1-613-285-4415


Office Hours:

Monday - 9am - 5pm

Wednesday - 9am - 6pm

Friday - 9am - 6pm

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