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ADHD Counselling

ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). We offer ADHD Counselling for children (2-12 years old), youth (12-19 years old), and adults who want to improve their focus, have better relationships, have better self-esteem and function better at school or work.


If you, or your child, is struggling with getting tasks done or focusing, are easily distracted, having trouble concentrating, or are having mood swings, then you may benefit from Counselling for ADHD. You or your child may be feeling frustrated, upset often, sad, and overwhelmed. Whether you have a diagnosis of ADHD or you suspect that you may be dealing with ADHD, we are here to help. 


If this sounds like you, or your child, it may be time to reach out for support. Our team of ADHD counsellors are here to support you. We offer support to talk about what is going on and help you deal with how you have been feeling and how it has been affecting your life. 

  • Being more focused 

  • Having more clarity

  • Get tasks done

  • Feeling better about yourself

  • Being more aware of yourself & thoughts

  • Have better relationships

  • Feel better mentally

  • Feel more positive about the future

ADHD Counselling Can Help: 

“The best way to think about ADHD is not as a mental disorder but as a collection of traits and tendencies that define a way of being in the world"

Dr. Edward Hallowell

Our Team Who Specialize in 
ADHD Counselling

Below are the counsellors on our team who specialize in working with people who have ADHD or feel they may have ADHD.

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