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We offer consultations to other healthcare professionals regarding client work, education, and support, as well as, supervision to Registered Psychotherapists, Registered Psychotherapist Interns, and Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) who are looking for supervision with their clinical practice. 

Business Consultation


If you are a professional and you are looking for support with your psychotherapist work or other healthcare professional work, we offer consultations regarding business, client consultations, or education regarding professional expertise. 

Business Consultations - If you are looking for support regarding your business and would like to discuss further. Sarah Terwilligar offers business consultations. 

Client Consultations / Education & Support - We offer client consultations regarding issues such as, eating issues, eating disorders, food addiction, addictions. 

Cost - The cost for business consultations will be the hourly rate of the therapist you have been assigned



Supervision is provided to Registered Psychotherapists, Registered Psychotherapists (Qualifying) or Psychotherapist Interns who are looking for professional supervision of their clinical practice. We will work together to further your clinical goals and further strengthen your knowledge, and skills. 

Modalities include Narrative Therapy, CBT, and DBT. 

Cost - The cost for supervision will be the hourly rate of the therapist you have been assigned/ choose to work with. 

We are accepting new supervision clients to a waitlist at this time. Please inquire about wait times and to be added to the waitlist.



We offer Master level internships to individuals who have previous Psychotherapy/ Counselling experience and who are looking to expand, learn, and grow their clinical skills. 


Webinars/ Workshops

We offer Educational seminars, workshops, and webinars on disordered eating and eating disorders. 

"Curiosity is it's own compliment.

When we view clients only through pejorative labels, we strip away the richness of their lives and demean the integrity of our work." 

                                                 - Michael White

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Ottawa Phone Number: 613-285-4265

Burlington Phone Number: 905-681-6224

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