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Individual Counselling

Who is it for?: Individual counselling is for anyone who wants to attend counselling alone/ individually. Individual counselling can be for children, youth, adults, and older adults. 


What can you expect?: Individual counselling looks like meeting one on one with a counselling either virtually, on a phone session or in person. In person sessions are held in a safe, private, and non-judgemental environment. Virtual counselling is offered through our secure video platform called Jane. 

Journey through counselling: The first counselling session will look like a getting to know you session where your counselling will be curious to learn more about the problems you have been up against, and learning about what your life looks like. Your counsellor will ask you about your hopes/ goals for counselling. After you have developed some goals/ identified your hopes for counselling, with your counsellor, you will work together to help support you to work on your hopes/ goals. This may look like talk therapy, conversations to elicit realizations, processing feelings, learning new skills, practicing coping strategies etc. Counselling will be based from what you want to get out of counselling. Your counsellor will tailor the work you do together, towards what you hope to get out of counselling. 


Ways to have individual counselling: In person, on the phone and via video calls.

Sessions are charged by the hour. 

Family Therapy 

We offer 2 different family therapy scenarios:


1) Family Therapy - This is for any members of a family who are struggling within their relationship or having difficulties within the relationship who would like to improve.

This may look like many different scenarios of situations, such as:

  - a new mom and dad who are struggling with becoming a new parent   -  a mother and daughter who are having difficulties communicating

  -  this may look like a mother and father who are struggling with their          teenager

  - this may look like a mother and father who are needing/ wanting        support with parenting/ behavioural issues. 

What does family therapy look like? We offer both in person and online family therapy (video/ virtual).

What can I expect from family therapy? You can expect to work together to find mutual and individual goals, where you then will work with your counsellor to move towards your goals. 

2) Family Therapy with someone who has an Eating Disorder -

Family therapy involves parents, siblings, and the individual who is living with an eating disorder. This involves meeting together, to help increase communication, and understanding of each family member to move towards recovery, or a life where the eating disorder is no longer as strong.


Sarah Terwilligar is trained in providing Family Based Treatment (FBT), also known as Maudsley Based Approach, that helps empower families, aids in weight restoration (if necessary), and offers guidance and support to move towards recovery. 

Family therapy is offered both in person and online/ virtually

What if the person in my family who has an eating disorder, does not want to come to counselling?: You are welcome to attend family counselling with the parents alone. It can be hard to come to counselling, having a child/ loved one experiencing an eating disorder can be very difficult. Parent counselling/ receiving support may be helpful for parents to attend alone for their own support, and learning to understand the eating disorder further. 

Consultation/ Supervision

Consultation - This is for professionals who are seeking support regarding a client, business, or who are learning more about the profession and have questions they would like help and support with.


Supervision - This is for Registered Psychotherapists or Therapist/ Counsellor Interns who are seeking clinical supervision. 

Session Fees

Registered Psychotherapist R.P. or R.P. (Q):

Individual Counselling - $140/session plus HST

Family Counselling - $140/session plus HST

Caregiver/Parent Counselling - $140/session plus HST

Psychotherapist Intern:

Individual Counselling - $100/session plus HST

Family Counselling - $100/session plus HST

* Sliding scale available - $25 - $75 per session plus HST

* currently accepting new clients

* accepts pro bono clients / very low cost counselling available*