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Adult Counselling

Our adult counselling services are available to anyone aged 21 and over who is seeking support and guidance in overcoming life's challenges. Whether you're dealing with a mental health issue, working through past experiences, or simply looking to develop new coping strategies and build resilience, our professional counsellors are here to help. 


Our Services

Individual Counselling

One-on-one support with a professional counsellor, in-person or virtually. Work together to set goals and create a plan to address your specific issues:

  • around mental health

  • feeling stuck

  • seeking positive change


Our evidence-based approach is tailored to your unique needs, providing a safe and confidential space to explore your feelings and gain new insights.

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Family Counselling

Provides a supportive environment for family members to work through issues together. Involves a combination of individual counselling and joint sessions where family members come together to work towards shared goals.


Our approach is designed to help families build stronger, healthier relationships and overcome challenges such as:

  • communication issues

  • conflict

  • life transitions


We work collaboratively with families to develop a tailored treatment plan that addresses their specific needs and goals. 

Your First Counselling Session: What to Expect

During your first counselling session, you'll have the opportunity to get to know your counsellor and share more about the challenges you're facing. Your counsellor will ask questions to learn about your background and your relationships, helping them to better understand your unique situation. Toward the end of the session, your counsellor will work with you to identify your hopes and goals for counselling.

Once you've established your goals with your counsellor, you'll work together to determine the best approach to help you achieve them. This may include talk therapy, exploring and processing your emotions, learning new coping skills, and more. Your counsellor will tailor their approach to meet your individual needs and help you get the most out of your counselling experience.

Our Counsellors Who Offer
Adult Counselling

Our team of professional counsellors specialize in providing effective adult counselling services. With a passion for helping adults, we offer both in-person counselling at our Burlington and Ottawa, Ontario locations, as well as virtual counselling services accessible to anyone in Ontario.


We understand that selecting a counsellor can be a daunting task, which is why we offer guidance in matching you with the most suitable therapist to meet your unique needs. If you are unsure which counsellor to choose or require further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us via email, and we'll be happy to help.

As an adult, navigating the world, comes with so many difficulties. Your mental health matters. We are here to help. 

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